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Cali on My Mind

Nieuwe single ‘Cali on My Mind’!

Op 16 oktober is de nieuwe single van RoMi Cage uitgebracht. De song heet ‘Cali on My Mind’ en gaat over een plek...

Nieuwe single in oktober!

Het is zover, op 16 oktober releasen we onze nieuwste single! De single heet ‘Cali on my mind’ en is de eerste track...

romi cage the man

New songs from ‘Order a song’.

Our initiative ‘Order a Song’ is doing very well. We’ve just written two songs and we like to share them with you :)!...

order a song

Order a Song

TROMGEROFFEL! ✨ Yes! Het is tijd om jullie wat meer te vertellen over onze nieuwe plannen.. Wij presenteren: ‘Order-a-Song’ ! What’s in a...

Stephan’s Pianobar QMusic

We had a great time at Stephan’s Pianobar – Q Music with radio host and singer Stephan Bouwman. We played our latest single...

new single miles

New single Miles is out now!

We’re excited to share our latest single with you! The single is called ‘Miles’ and is a feel good song about chasing dreams...


new single miles


RoMi Cage music video Where Do You go

Where Do You Go


Hope Rises Like Dust


Who We Really Are


I’m Around


What I Like About You



Musicians, songwriters, lovers, parents. LA Minded, dreamers, free spirits, in the now.
RoMi Cage one name representing two people:Romy and Michaël Coomans. They share (almost) everything, even their last name.
Music was their first love, then they fell in love which was crowned with the shared love for daughter Ivy.

Inspired by Fleetwood Mac, Alanis Morissette, John Mayer and Sarah Bareilles, RoMi Cage call their music ‘layered softpop’, edgy music with a message. In 2015 debut album ‘Things We Never Say’ was released. An album full of question and exclamation marks about love and life, produced in Los Angeles by the multiple grammy award winning producer Joe Chiccarelli (U2, Jason Mraz).A dream, a chance, an unforgettable experience.

In the years after, their EP ‘Home’ (produced by Martijn Groeneveld) was released just as multiple singles, they were support act fort the Dutch band Bløf and Paul Carrack, gave shows at Paradiso, UitMarkt Amsterdam and different festivals like Nazomerfestival, toured in many places including California, London, Curacao and Switzerland and frequently visited national radio stations NPO radio 1, 2 and 5.

After an elaborate maternity leave they are back with brand new music.
The new single ‘Cali on My Mind’ is about longing for a place where dreams come true, where no one asks what your real job is besides making music. About a place that feels like a second home. A place that shares our best memories.
‘Cali on My Mind’, our new single, is out NOW


RoMi Cage is currently recording new songs. New tour dates to be announced soon!




    songwriting piano songwriters

    “Time will tell who we really are”

    -Who we really are-

    “When dreams may seem have turned to ashes, hope rises like dust”

    -Hope Rises Like Dust-

    “If squares must be round I rather missout
    It’s the bend that breaks equality”

    -When love is a losing religion-

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